Crime Stoppers helps to reduce crime – and the fear of crime – in homes, schools, businesses, and communities county-wide. Essential to continued public safety, Crime Stoppers is the only program of its kind. Crime Stoppers assists law enforcement in generating leads on cold cases, new investigations, details on current high profile cases, and locations of individuals with outstanding warrants.  The tip information provided to law enforcement officers and investigators help solve cases that would not have been solved otherwise, such as homicides, hit & runs, robberies, burglaries, narcotics, arsons, thefts, and other violent crimes.

Working with police officers and other law enforcement to distribute materials and spread the word is a must for the continued success of all Crime Stoppers programs.  Crime Stoppers is a partnership between law enforcement, the media, and the public; relying on one another in order to help keep our communities safe.

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Officer Testimonials

“Crime Stoppers has been instrumental in helping solve several crimes, from cold case homicides to current hit and run reports. The program is fantastic for those that fear coming forward to police, whether for personal reasons or fear of retaliation if their involvement was known. Because of this principle, we as a department are often given leads into situations and crimes committed that we would not have had otherwise. Crime Stoppers has also provided an excellent community engagement measure though the sharing and posting of information wanted bulletins and other requests for assistance on their various social media platforms. This act helps the department spread information and needs further and does so in a way that allows for the comfort of the tipsters.” – Officer Austin Davis, Fort Worth Police Department

“The Crime Stoppers of Tarrant County Program has tremendously assisted the Fort Worth Police Department. It has helped solve numerous Homicides, Robberies, Burglaries, Thefts, Fraud, Assaults, and Arson cases over the years. Also, the bulk of the cases our FWPD Narcotics/Vice Unit works come from Crime Stoppers anonymous tip information. Without these anonymous Crime Stoppers tips from Tipsters, a lot of these cases may have went unsolved. Fort Worth Police Department is proud to be partnered with the Crime Stoppers of Tarrant County Program!” – Officer Collins, Crime Stoppers Coordinator, Fort Worth Police Department

“Crime Stoppers tips have been instrumental in locating and apprehending violent felons on several occasions when all other leads were exhausted.” – Fugitive Detective, Arlington Police Department

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Message To Officers

Crime Stoppers of Tarrant County would like to thank those officers who work with us. We value your support of the program and your efforts to make it a continued success.

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